Faculty of Management Science – BBA International Business

Faculty of Management Science – BBA International Business

‘your gateway to global opportunities’

Thailand is growing and changing rapidly. The demands of industry and the need for specialised understanding and skills in the workforce are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Skilled knowledge workers today have many opportunities in Thailand and across the ASEAN region that were not available in years gone by.

Studying the Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) provides a broad business based education designed to meet the needs of the international world of business. To succeed in the future competitive environment of the ASEAN single market employees need a combination of international commerce knowledge and business English skills. The BBA (International Business) is the only course in north east Thailand which offers;

- 100 % English Instruction
- internationally experienced business instructors
- contemporary business theory & practice
- multinational staff

The BBA International Business is an innovative program that covers a wide range of theories and practices. The program offers a global insight on the international market and prepares students for employment opportunities in any hemisphere. The program will equip students with in-depth useable technical know-how, communication skills, and practical business knowledge embracing every aspect of the international and domestic environment. They will be thoroughly prepared to enter the dynamic and ever changing business world. Finally, as we are an international college, our teaching faculty and students are composed of a variety of nationalities that not only create a truly international experience but also facilitate a spirit of teamwork across different cultures.

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